What does it mean to be authentic?

Do you have a buzzword you tend to use when describing your business? You might be thinking, well of course! I have my core catch phrase and I use it all the time to ensure that my target audience knows what my product is.

While buzzwords at catch phrases might have been the go-to marketing method of the past with great success, today’s customer is wearier and more intelligent when it comes to inauthentic brands. Brands who fail to convey a level of authenticity may potentially struggle with trust issues as well as customer loyalty. While authentic brands on the other hand, experience a deep connection with their customers, invoking brand loyalty and high customer satisfaction. So how do you as a small/medium sized business find your voice as an authentic brand? To start, you should consider how you would answer these 4 questions:

1. Who am I talking to, and am I ready to solely speak to them in the future?

2. Am I ready to take a leap of faith?

3. How can I balance being sincere while staying true to my goals?

4. What is the difference between Authentic and Original?

Like with anything in marketing, identifying your target audience is the key to success, but are you ready to commit to this audience in the future? Sometimes brands have a tendency to be afraid of what it means to not focus their attention on all audiences, and to hone in and focus solely on a target. This might be due to anxious about missed revenue, or a potential market that they haven’t identified. What’s important to remember is, that when you are speaking to everyone, no one is listening because you aren’t speaking directly to them!

Going from a traditional brand to an authentic one can sometimes be a leap of faith! It takes guts to leave your traditional buzzwords and key phrases behind. In addition to this, you might be the first in your industry to go for authentic branding, meaning you don’t have a picture of what this looks like exactly. So, take some time to consider what this type of branding would look like in your industry and on your brand, and decide what path is the best way forward for you.

Your bottom line is important, we get that, and many believe that when you move away from traditional messaging and branding, that you put this at risk. It’s a balancing act, as you want your exterior image to be authentic, and your employees need to know and reflect this back into the world via customer service, while still being mindful of the bottom line and your company’s goals.

Becoming an authentic brand shouldn’t be difficult, as at your core you know who you are and what your business stands for. Just get rid of the all of the excess layers and show the world your core. It’s not about being a first mover, it’s about being exactly who you are- authentic!

You might be thinking, this reminds me of <insert brand name>, and you’re probably right! There are many brands out there in the world who practice authentic branding and do it really well! They stay true to who they are but present a well-rounded and united brand to the world that is still authentic to its core.




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