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Sonderholm+ has been my go to translator and editor for English texts over the past few years. First for the tech startup media Bootstrapping and now in my capacity as Editor in Chief at Digital Hub Denmark. Christine and her partner are both thorough, exact and quick. This means that as a customer I am comfortable with them translating and editing texts, even when we are working with a short deadline. I can whole heartedly recommend Sonderholm+ as a partner.

Marianne K. Schacht, Editor in Chief , Digital Hub Denmark

We used Sonderholm+ for help translating content from Danish to English. We experienced fast respond times, on-time delivery at competitive prices. We considered translating the content ourselves, but looking back we are glad we choose professional translation as we saved time, and were positively surprised that they didn’t just translate the text, but came with input for improvements and made two drafts with these improvements without an added cost. We will always recommend Sonderholm+ to others who need help translating content from Danish to English. 

Daniel Myrup, Founder, Myrup & Nyhauge



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Google Ads and SEO are wonderful marketing tools, but are not always the best fit for your business' goals. Human Risks is one of those businesses. As a leader in Security Risk Management, Human Risks offers businesses a digital solution to their physical security, a way for employees to work together in creating a safe atmosphere. Sonderholm+ works as a partner creating strategic content, graphics and video  to position them as thought leaders in the industry and the go-to choice for software for security management.  


Knowing who your target market is, and where you can reach them is the first step in any good marketing plan. Social media isn't for every business, but for Cykel20 it was the next step in growing their concept. A non-profit and a part of the Blue Cross, Cykel20 sells refurbished bikes at a low cost. 100% of the profits go towards the Blue Cross's "warming room" for homeless in Aalborg. Sonderholm+ works with Cykel20 to bring awareness to the brand and the cause through social media marketing.


When your target market requires English, creating content that gets your message across and flows seamlessly can be difficult. Sonderholm+ supports Digital Hub Denmark in their quest to strengthen entrepreneurship in Denmark by editing content to adjust for grammar, tone of voice and flow, while keeping an eye on branding and messaging. 



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